Air Liquide Training PBE - 87481-001
Air Liquide Training PBE - 87481-001

Air Liquide Training PBE - 87481-001

Tulmar Safety Systems Inc.

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87481-001 - Air Liquide Style Type 5 Protective Breathing Equipment / Smokehood 

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The Air Liquide PBE is the fastest doning PBE on the market.  Fewer than 8 seconds are required to take the hood out of its box, rip open its sealed cover and put it over the head. The hood does not need to be adjusted once it is put on. This single size equipment adapts to all face configurations.

Training hoods allow airline personnel to practice donning the hood prior to a smoke emergency. Tulmar manufactures realistic training hoods that feel and operate like the actual PBE. These training hoods are durable and washable to withstand multiple sessions and users.  Tulmar offers a repair service- Contact us at


  • Realistic: Similar in appearance and weight. Comes complete with simulated actuation clips, weighted simulated 02 cylinders and a removable neck seal.
  • Durable: Robust materials withstand the repetitive use of training.
  • Repairable: Textile portion is repairable. Replacement neck-pieces available in latex or non-latex versions.  To purchase neck seals, click here.


Accessories and replacement nose pieces are available for the Air Liquide Training PBE.  

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