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Heli-Vest Pouch

Constant Wear Heli-Vest KSE-35L8 Models - P/N P0723E109PW (Helicopter)

Eastern Aero Marine

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EAM Heli-Vest Constant Wear Life Vests (TSO-C13e)
P/N P0723E109PW - Standard Lead Time: 6-8 weeks
Minimum buy - 20 vests (When not in stock)

**To order more than 25 life vests, contact

This twin cell vest comes in a standard or heavy-duty pouch engineered especially for use in helicopter tour operations. Pouch pack design buckles around the waist for constant wear. The life preserver can easily be pulled out and donned over the head with one quick motion, using a single hand.


  • Inflated Buoyancy: 35 lbs. (150 Newtons) nominal
  • Inflated Volume: 970 cu. in. (16 liters) nominal
  • Inflation System: Manual CO₂ Inflator and an Oral Inflation Tube in each Buoyancy Cell
  • Color: Passenger Yellow
  • Whistle included
  • Service Life: Indefinite if unit continues to pass periodic maintenance inspection
  • Frequency of Inspection: Every 60 months
  • Adult

**Please note that all life vests can be inspected at Tulmar.  To contact our R&O, email or call 613.632.1282.


  • USA: FFA TSO-C13e

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To order more than 25 vests, contact
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